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Valeria and Fiona, a vampire and a witch bound by forbidden love, find themselves hunted — their quest for freedom now a desperate flight for survival.

In "The Shadows of Rome," the eagerly awaited sequel to the bestselling "The Dance of the Damned," readers are plunged back into a world where love defies the laws of nature, and survival is a dance on the edge of the abyss.

In the tranquil woods of Tuscany, their love blossoms, but so does the fear within their hearts, as an unseen danger lurks close, threatening to shatter their newfound peace. Once leaders in their own worlds, now fugitives from the laws of nature and society, Valeria and Fiona are caught in a web woven by ancient feuds and modern enmities.

When the relentless hunters, shadows from their past, come calling, the couple is thrust into a perilous journey that tests their love and courage. As they navigate through treacherous alliances and deceit, each step brings them closer to a truth that could either bind them forever or tear them apart.

With enemies on every side and trust a rare commodity, can their love withstand the onslaught, or will it be the spark that ignites a war that could consume them all?

"The Shadows of Rome," the thrilling sequel to "The Dance of the Damned," weaves a tale of passion, betrayal, and supernatural intrigue, set against the backdrop of a world where vampires and witches vie for power and survival.

Immerse yourself in this spellbinding journey of love and danger.

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